East Providence, Barrington, Warren and Bristol offer some of its best to those willing to park their cars and use the East Bay Bike Path. You'll find yourself surrounded by woods one moment, see sailboats in the harbor the next and, just around the bend, watch ducks swimming in a tidal pond. All told, it’s nearly 15 miles of pleasure stretching from Providence’s India Point Park south through Riverside, Barrington, Warren and Bristol. It is a unique facility and was the first major undertaking by the state of RI Department of Transportation to create another way for people to ride to work, school or shopping areas or spend some leisure time while enjoying great scenery. Plans are being considered for additional bike paths that would extend safe biking opportunities in the state.
   The East Bay Bike Path, a 10-foot wide paved corridor with grass shoulders, follows the route of the old Penn Central rail and never strays far from the water. Twice it crosses salt water rivers on rebuilt train trestles and, since it’s always near water in Bristol County, it’s flat, a blessing to users. A word of warning, though, afternoon southwest breezes can make southbound travelers feel as though they’re climbing uphill.
   The path isn’t hard to find. It crosses Route 114 in Barrington and Warren and more than 40 side streets along the way. Places to leave your vehicle are available in any of the parks along the route and in municipal parking lots.
   Some people will be able to travel the whole bike path in just a few hours; others will find that exploring shopping areas and scenic spots is a great way to learn more about Bristol County. We hope you enjoy this great East Bay resource!
   Bike helmets are strongly recommended at all times as are the following rules:
• Bicyclists - Stay to the right
• Walkers - Stay to the left (facing bicyclists who have the right of way)
• Dogs - Must be on a leash no longer than 6 feet
• Motor vehicles, mopeds, snowmobiles and horses are prohibited from the path at all times.
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